„Parade“ Release at Porgy & Bess

elektro guzzi feat. trombones Hilary Jeffery, Daniel Riegler and Martin Ptak

Elektro Guzzi combine club music and live performance to a unique, energetic mixture. They overcome the rigid boundary of analog versus digital, unifying the human being with his machines in an unprecedented way and surprising the listener with their innovative productions. Sónar, Roskilde, Melt!, C/O Pop or Mutek are just a few stations among others, where Elektro Guzzi fascinated with their dynamic live show, without the use of computers or loops.

With their new EP „Parade“, the first release on German label Denovali, Elektro Guzzi broaden their trinity of drums, bass and e-guitar. With implementing trombones — played by Hilary Jeffery, Daniel Riegler and Martin Ptak — as extra oscillators, dissociating them from their conventional use, the trombones become part of the human-machine-universe and are used as an additional sound source in order to modulate and explore its variety live on the stage.

VVK Stehplatz € 15,- / VVK Sitzplatz Galerie € 20,-

Infos: porgy.at/events/8282/