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A trio of guitar, bass and drums, Elektro Guzzi overcome the boundary between analogue versus digital, performing techno live with the drive of a machine and the sonic detail of an instrument – without any computers or loopers.

The unparalleled appeal of their unique, energetic live performance – you see how every sound is created, right there, on the spot – has made them a primary choice for cutting edge dance music festivals like Roskilde, Sónar (2x official program), Mutek, Melt!, Stop Making Sense, C/O Pop, Eurosonic, Extrema, Iceland Airwaves, Sziget, Dancity and many more across Europe, North and Latin America and Japan. In addition to that, their journey has taken Elektro Guzzi to most of Europe’s clubs, including performances at Fabric and every single floor at Berghain.

A collaborative EP with KiNK here, an audio-visual live show there, a Resident Advisor podcast feature or an album with a full trombone ensemble in between – Elektro Guzzi are always on the move.

“A force to be reckoned with.” – Resident Advisor

“A unique and intriguing proposition; they make analogue brain frying techno but they do so by using the classic rock set-up of guitar, bass, and drums.” – Bleep

“The trio blend the hypnotic precision of robotic electronic dance music with the powerful energy of a live band – and it’s something truly awesome to witness live.” – The Quietus

“Probably one of the best live techno bands.“ – Electronic Beats

“Instantly […] a crowd favourite!” –  Mutek Festival

“The best way to approach Elektro Guzzi is in a state of ignorance. When you´re deep into their electronic grip, that´s the moment to learn that it´s all played live. As you pick your jaw up off the floor, you can ponder the discipline and determination.“ – Wire

“One of the most unconventional 4/4 outfits of current times.“ – Resident Advisor

For their upcoming album „Polybrass“, Elektro Guzzi have drastically expanded their sonic repertoire: both in the studio and on stage, they are joined by an ensemble of three trombonists, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities. With Hilary Jeffrey, Daniel Riegler and Martin Ptak, the band are joined by three brass heavyweights, each of them well renowned for both their solo ventures as well as projects such as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Sand and Zeitkratzer.

By treating the three trombones not simply as a set of extra instruments but rather as one coherent body of sound on its own, Elektro Guzzi dissociate the brass instruments from their conventional use and repurpose them into something completely different: a modular synthesizer, with each trombone representing one oscillator.

In doing so, Elektro Guzzi add new layers of depth to their sound, emphasizing a more cinematic side of their music: almost like the soundtrack for a movie, „Polybrass“ is bigger, darker, more dramatic, more intimate. Warm and fuzzy textures float weightlessly above fragile soundscapes and complex sonic fragments. At the same time, the band’s signature sound runs distinctly through the entire album: solid percussive grooves, stripped down to the absolute minimum it takes to make your body move. Hypnotic repetition, building tension and suspense up to a point where the energy of the music gets so intense you feel like you can physically touch it with your hands, interlaced with organic patterns of sound, constantly changing and evolving, pulsating and oscillating.

„Polybrass“ will be released on Denovali Records on October 26th, 2018.


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STEAM” – Split Single (vinyl only), Interstellar Records, 2019

Untitled EP” – Palazzo Records, 2019




Polybrass” – Denovali Records, October 26, 2018

Achse Dachse” – Palazzo Recordings, 2017

Parade” – Denovali Records, 2016

Clones” – Macro Recordings, 2016

Observatory” – Macro Recordings, 2014

Parquet” – Macro Recordings, 2011

Live P.A.” – Macro Recordings, 2011

Elektro Guzzi” – Macro Recordings, 2010


„Color“ – Palazzo Recordings, 2018

Atlas / Vodolaz Versions” with KiNK – Macro Recordings, 2015

Circling Above” – Macro Recordings, 2015

Cashmere” – Macro Recordings, 2013

Allegro” – Pomelo Records, 2012

Extrakt” – Macro Recordings, 2011

Hexenschuss / Elastic Bulb” – Macro Recordings, 2010


Indian Wells – Lipsia (Elektro Guzzi Remix)” – Bad Panda Records, 2015

G.rizo – Autonomy (Elektro Guzzi Remix)” – Hezekina Pollutina, 2012



2x Sonar Festival, Barcelona (SPA) / Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik (ISL) / Nuits Sonores, Lyon (FRA) / Melt Festival, Graefenhainichen (GER) / Rocolectiv Festival, Bucharest (ROU) / Mutek Festival, Mexico City (MEX) / Apple Tree Garden Festival, Diepholz (GER) / Pohoda Festival, Trencin (SVK) / Nextsound Festival, Kiev (UKR) / Mekusma Festival, Eupen (BEL) / Sacred Ground Festival, Bruessow (GER) / Lighthouse Festival, Porec (HRV) / Cologne Music Week, Cologne (GER) / Wonderfruit Festival, Pattaya (THA) / Denovali Festival, Essen (GER) / Elevate Festival, Graz (AUT) / Phono Festival, Odensee (DEN) / In The Woods Festival, Amsterdam (NLD) / RBMA Festival, New York (USA) / EM15 Mutek, Montreal (CAN) / Eurosonic, Groningen (NLD) / Sziget Festival, Budapest (HUN)


Club Metro, Kyoto (JPN) / Berghain, Berlin (GER) / Trouw, Amsterdam (NLD) / Paradiso, Amsterdam (NLD) / Fabric, London (UK) / Arma 17, Moscow (RUS) / Control Club, Bucharest (ROU) / Ribbon Club, Terracina (ITA) / Grelle Forelle, Vienna (AUT)



Alma Ernst (Worldwide)
QUIETLOUD Music Agency

Wido von Wienskowski (Germany)
Der Bomber der Herzen

Reinhold Seyfriedsberger (Austria)
Spoon Agency

Paolo-Francesco Visci (Italy)
Pentagon Booking


David Buder
Matches Music


Jakob Bouchal
Matches Music