We’re going to release a new album in three months – and to be honest, we’re really excited about this one! It’s going to be a very special album, for a lot of reasons.

For Polybrass, we have drastically expanded our sonic repertoire by adding an ensemble of three trombonists, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities: Hilary Jeffrey, Daniel Riegler and Martin Ptak, three brass heavyweights, each of them well renowned for both their solo ventures as well as projects such as The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Sand and Zeitkratzer.

By treating the three trombones not simply as a set of extra instruments but rather as one coherent body of sound on its own, we aimed to dissociate the brass instruments from their conventional use and repurpose them into something completely different: a modular synthesizer, with each trombone representing one oscillator.

The goal for this album was to emphasize a more cinematic side of our music. Like the soundtrack for a movie, Polybrass is bigger, darker, more dramatic, more intimate. Warm and fuzzy textures float weightlessly above fragile soundscapes and complex sonic fragments. At the same time, our signature sound runs distinctly through the entire album: solid percussive grooves, stripped down to the absolute minimum it takes to make your body move. Hypnotic repetition, building tension and suspense up to a point where the energy of the music gets so intense you feel like you can physically touch it with your hands, interlaced with organic patterns of sound, constantly changing and evolving, pulsating and oscillating.


Elektro Guzzi – Polybrass

1   Backlash
2   Black Chamber
3   Miney Mick
4   Tourin
5   Aerostat
6   Magnet
7   Irritation
8   Yuugen
9   Galactic Bone
10 Miney Mick (Instrumental)


Polybrass will be out on Denovali Records on October 26th, 2018. (CD | 2LP | DIGITAL)