Cristian Vogel & Elektro Guzzi - CO-EXIST

our next release „CO-Exist“ will be on the 16th of march 2020 on Endless Process

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Release Date : March 16, 2020
Artist : Cristian Vogel and Elektro Guzzi
Catalog ref. : ENDPROC005
Format : Digital Download

Cristian Vogel and Elektro Guzzi met in 2013 to perform together at the avant-garde-music festival ‘fmRiese’ in Wattens/Austria. In a 3 days rehearsal and recording session they were looking for ways to combine their sonic worlds and came up with loads of fresh ideas and exciting new music . These 4 tracks are the distillate of that highly inspiring session and finally found their way from the hard-disks into the real world, where they belong.


…. is a long-term innovator in the design, composition and performance of electronic sounds. His professional career as an independent creator working in advanced music and technology, has established him as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition for stage, club culture and studio.


… combine club music and live performance to a unique, energetic mixture. They overcome the rigid boundary of analog versus digital, unifying the human being with his machines in an unprecedented way and surprising the listener with their innovative productions.