our next release „Steam“ is out now on Interstellar Records

INT 047 | LP

release date: may 16th, 2019

REGOLITH is a duo consisting of Richie Herbst (Interstellar Rec.) and Christian Zollner (Koma Elektronik, ex-Men Killing Men) since 2006, based in Graz / Austria and Berlin / Germany. Following a phase characterized by harsh noise, they’re now into improvised soundscapes, some created on analog modular synthesizer, effects and homemade equipment, all situated at the interface of deep drones and unsettlingly beautiful harmonies. The new track „TB57 safely pass earth“ is a, close to 16 minute, drone monster full of harmonic and disharmonic melodies and it’s their second release this year, next to a split with Nadeshda (on Epileptic Media).

ELEKTRO GUZZI, from vienna / austria, is one of the most exciting formations of contemporary techno, who gained attention with their analogue instrument panel at the beginning of their career. „Steam“ is the new track, 20 minutes, a really minimalistic, but highly intense groove monster. Part of the trio is Bernhard Breuer, who collaborated with Interstellar Records for more than 10 Years resulting in the releases of TUMIDO, METALYCÉE and BULBULTUMIDO.

/a1 regolith – TB57 will safely pass earth 
/b1 elektro guzzi – steam


side A by: christian zollner & richie herbst
side B by: jakob schneidewind, bernhard breuer & bernhard hammer
side A recorded & mixed by: regolith
side B recorded & mixed by: elektro guzzi
side A mastered by: bernd heinrauch at schwarzau im schwarzautal
side B mastered by: nik hummer at minusgroundzero
artwork & print by: darko kujundžić