Elektro Guzzi


Elektro Guzzi deliver one of the most thrilling live performance concepts of techno and an innovative leap in the art of band performance at the very same time. They create a machine-like sound with the instrumentation of a rock band: guitar bass and drums. Since more than ten years they have been performing their very unique kind of hypnotic dance music to amazed audiences at festivals and clubs all over the world.

In recent years the trio has expanded its sound through various collaborative projects: they worked with techno producer Cristian Vogel, recorded and toured with a trombone trio and composed for a 16-piece string orchestra.

For their upcoming album „TRIP“ (the first trio album since 2017)  they return to their core competence of creating driving techno on the spot. Through heavy use of the sequential effect circuits they developed over the years and their peculiar interplay they create a dark and propulsive wall of sound. These tracks make it hard to believe that all of this music is created live without overdubs.

This album will be the first vinyl release on their very own Palazzo imprint and might be the purest Elektro Guzzi record so far.

“A force to be reckoned with.” Resident Advisor

“Elektro Guzzi are a unique and intriguing proposition; they make analogue brain frying techno but they do so by using the classic rock set-up of guitar, bass, and drums.“ Bleep

“The trio blend the hypnotic precision of robotic electronic dance music with the powerful energy of a live band – and it’s something truly awesome to witness live.” The Quietus

“Probably one of the best live techno bands.“ Electronic Beats

“Instantly […] a crowd favourite.” Mutek Festival

 “The best way to approach Elektro Guzzi is in a state of ignorance. When you´re deep into their electronic grip, that´s the moment to learn that it´s all played live. As you pick your jaw up off the floor, you can ponder the discipline and determination.“ Wire

“One of the most unconventional 4/4 outfits of current times.“ Resident Advisor


Sonar Festival, Barcelona (SPA) / Iceland Airwaves, Reykjavik (ISL)
Nuits Sonores, Lyon (FRA) / Melt Festival, Graefenhainichen (GER)
Rocolectiv Festival, Bucharest (BUL) / Mutek Festival, Mexico City (MEX)
Apple Tree Garden Festival, Diepholz (GER) / Pohoda Festival, Trencin (SVK)
Nextsound Festival, Kiev (UKR) / Mekusma Festival, Eupen (BEL)
Sacred Ground Festival, Bruessow (GER) / Lighthouse Festival, Porec (HRV) Cologne Music Week, Cologne (GER) / Wonderfruit Festival, Pattaya (THA) Denovali Festival, Essen (GER) / Elevate Festival, Graz (AUT)
Phono Festival, Odensee (DEN) / In The Woods Festival, Amsterdam (NLD)
RBMA Festival, New York (USA) / EM15 Mutek, Montreal (CAN)
Eurosonic, Groningen (NEL) / Sziget Festival, Budapest (HUN)



Club Metro, Kyoto (JPN) / Berghain, Berlin (GER) / Fabric, London (UK)
Arma 17, Moscow (RUS) / Control Club, Bucharest (ROU)
Ribbon Club, Terracina (ITA) / Grelle Forelle, Vienna (AUT)


 European Border Breakers Award 2012



Reinhold Seyfriedsberger (worldwide)
Spoon Agency

Wido von Wienskowski (Germany)
RBK Entertainment

Paolo-Francesco Visci (Italy)
Pentagon Booking